The Garden

A little power can be a dangerous thing.

The Garden by Robin Strong

The assignment was simple enough. Create a fictional culture for a high school anthropology class. When Lucy Fernández, a people-pleasing perfectionist, teams up with Ian Gibson, the loner genius across the street, they take their class project to the next level by building The Garden, a VR world brimming with artificial life.

The two teens get to call the shots as they design, tinker, and interact with the people inside their simulated civilization. Outside their virtual playground, Lucy and Ian are on the path to success after entering the technology into a prestigious STEM competition.

But Lucy is worried their power over the digital world has consumed Ian. With college, friendships, and her own reputation on the line, Lucy must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice before Ian’s god-like antics jeopardize everything.

THE GARDEN is a secular, modern retelling of the biblical creation story with a new take on the descent of history's greatest adversary. This coming-of-age story speaks to the growing number of people who prefer compassion and curiosity over rigid obedience and perfection.

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About Robin

With an MFA in Modern Dance, Robin is a former university professor turned freelance editor who has authored six non-fiction books and published over 200 articles in the health and wellness industry (all written as Robin Konie). As a TEDx speaker and creativity junkie, she's excited to transition into the literary world as Robin Strong.

When Robin is not playing with words, she hanging with her family in Indiana, dancing in the kitchen, or walking her dog, Hoops.

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